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WELCOME (Failte) to the online Celtic Cove & Catholic Bookstore. We are excited to share our "Brick and Mortar" store with the whole wide world.

We began this store with a special mission in mind: to participate in the New Evangelization called for by our late and beloved Pope John Paul II. We are passionately in love with our Catholic Faith and we wish to share it with the whole world by providing orthodox and up-to-date resources to people who wish to grow in the love of God through growth in and love of the Catholic Faith.

The Irish side of the store represents our love for the Irish Heritage and culture, and features much "made in Ireland" merchandise.

This image of God the Father of All Mankind and accompanying messages were revealed to Mother Eugenia of Bergamo, Italy in 1930.  Books containing these revelations, which have been approved by the Church, can be found, free of charge, at our store or at Mary's Call, Kansas City, USA (816-942-9783).

God's request is that He be remembered, honored and loved as the Father of All Mankind.  He desires to make himself known as a Loving Father who loves all mankind and watches over us as a Father cares for his children.  He comes to bring hope to all mankind and all nations, a hope we desperately need in our times.

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                                                         Beannacht De Oraibh
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